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Destiny School of Leadership offers high-quality education at a fraction of the cost of traditional institutions, preparing your students to pursue God’s call on their lives by providing a Christ-centered experience integrating their education into the life of the local church. 

Christ-Centered Education

Christ is at the center of everything we do.  Destiny School of Leadership educates the whole person and provides students an opportunity to develop spiritual maturity as they learn to integrate Christian principles into their school and work.​

Community Experience

Our cohort model provides the opportunity to develop relationships and engage in the coursework with your peers.​​

Family Events

Destiny School of Leadership offers families a variety of opportunities to stay connected and engage in their student's educational experience​

Open Communication

Destiny School of Leadership advisors can maintain open lines of communication with parents and guardians, keeping them informed about their student's progress, activities, and any concerns. ​

Supportive Learning Environment

Experience a supportive and nurturing environment.  Engage in the life of the church while you pursue your degree.​

Flexible Offerings

In-person, virtual, and hybrid course options are available. 

Academic Support

Academic coaches and counselors are assigned to guide you through the process from application to graduation.  Faculty are available to answer questions and collaborate toward your success.​

Financial Assistance

Degree programs and certifications are offered at a fraction of the cost of traditional institutions.  Gain access to local and federal grants, scholarships, and loans to ease the financial burden of your education.​

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