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Destiny School of Leadership Presents

Our monthly podcast will feature guests and topics to help you navigate higher education and equip yourself to say "yes" to God's call. 

New episodes are released on the first Wednesday of each month. 


Ep. 01

The first episode in our "Called" series offers you tips and thoughts about how to navigate higher education. Throughout this series, we will talk about how to Discover Your Call, Choose a Path, and Invest in Education. Today's episode focuses on discovering your Design. 


Ep. 02

The second episode in our "Called" series focuses on your desires and how they can point you toward your calling. What does it mean to have passion? What gets you excited to go to school or work? This episode will discuss how God uses our passion to give our lives purpose and drive us to action. 


Ep. 03

Watch our next episode on May 1st @ 1 pm.

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