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Practicums and Internships

Destiny School of Leadership provides our students with a fully accredited educational base program from NCU and hands-on leadership experience to put what’s learned into a practice. By investing 120 hours per semester in pre-approved practicums, ILE’s and internships, students receive 3 credit hours towards their degree.

Interactive Learning Experience (ILE)

The Integrative Learning Experience (ILE) or commonly called Practicum is a practical, skill-oriented educational experience in which a student learns and serves in the context of a local church or organization, fostering a depth of learning and application of academic, personal, and spiritual growth. The ILE experience complements the online course experience of the student.

  • On-site mentoring and training within their field of study

  • Ministry experience within a healthy church community

  • Integration into Christ Place Church’s weekly environment



The Internship is similar to a Practicum or ILE in experience, but differs in that it is a compensated position within a partner business or ministry that the compensation can be applied to your educational expense to further reduce the costs associated with earning a degree.


Basic ILE/Internship Format

  • Duration: One semester long, or about 16 weeks

  • Time required: 120 hours (about 8 hours per week)

  • Scope: Each Practicum contains both a North Central University-prescribed area of focus, along with hands-on learning experience through the approved partner church of your choice. ​​

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