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Credentialing Track

Credential Levels, Course Information & Program Costs

There are three levels of Credential holders Within the Assemblies of God.  

Select a Level Below for a List of Courses To Choose From.

Certificate of Ministry

Level 1

The Certificate of Ministry course contains all of the classes necessary to get you ready to for the Certificate of Ministry test from your state's Assemblies of God district.  When this course is complete, you will be ready to take that test and continue the credentialing process with your district!

License to Preach

Level 2

The License to Preach course is the next step as you progress in your ministry credentials with the Assemblies of God.  If you haven't completed the classes in the Certificate of Ministry course, please start there, but if you already have your Certificate of Ministry, these classes are for you!


Level 3

Coming January 2025!

Program Costs & Fees

Global University Registration Fee:

– One-time $30 registration fee to become a Global University student.

– Once registered, students will have access to their Global University student portal.


Program Tuition:
– Students register and pay for each class individually.

– The cost for each class is $105.
– A digital copy of all course material is provided at no additional costs.  Students can purchase a physical copy of the textbook for an additional $35/each.

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