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Church Leader

Destiny School of Leadership provides a Christ-centered environment where your ministry leaders gain the education necessary to pursue God’s call while continuing to serve the ministries of your church.  Our graduates will be qualified candidates to fill your staff needs and support the growth of your church.

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We Want to Visit

Let's sit down and discuss how Destiny School of Leadership can develop ministry leaders within your church and help them say 'Yes' to the call God has on their lives.

Education And Training

We offer accredited degree programs and credentialing courses to equip your congregation with the tools necessary to become pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and ministry leaders.  Students will apply their education while they serve your church. ​

Pastoral Support

Destiny School of Leadership has access to counseling services, spiritual guidance, and mentorship opportunities to support your spiritual and emotional well-being as you serve your community.​

Future Ministry Leaders

Destiny School of Leadership graduates will be excellent additions to your pastoral staff as our combination of education and practical ministry experience produces well-formed leaders.  

Networking and Commun

Connect with our community of church leaders for collaboration, idea-sharing, and mutual encouragement.​

Continuing Education

Continue on the path to licensure and ordination through our cohort program, or go back to school for your Master's Degree in our accredited university partnership. ​

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